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Founder Director, IBRI

Dr. Sababbi Mangal


Holder of 3 World Records, Author of 12 Books, Inventor, Unlimited Years Calendar.

He is an Indian author, inventor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and memory trainer. In 2007, Sababbi Mangal invented an unlimited year calendar from 0001 to infinity based on the coding system. He has been working as a professional memory trainer and writer since 2007 and has authored 12 memory enhancement titles. His first book, Memorise Unlimited Years Calendar in One Hour was published in 2008. Later he published the book “iMemory the Guruitself” in a series of 3 books titled ‘Memory Mechanism’, ‘Advance Mnemonics’ and ‘Vedic Arithmetic’. In 2009, he broke the World Record by calculating the exact days of the week of 60 random dates selected by the computer in 60 seconds at VNIT Nagpur during the event Aarohi 2009. He taught many students across the world and among them, several students achieved World Record for Fastest Memorizing and extraordinary brain powers.


14 Years

of Experience

Cognitive Science Researcher

Media Comments

The Tribune

Sababbi Mangal, a local lad, has
created a world record yet again.

April 9, 2009

Danik Bhaskar

Sababbi creates world record by
calculating the day of 60 random dates selected by computer in 60 seconds only.

April 9, 2009

The Tribune

Local lad has Created an
“Unbreakable” World Record
in Memory.

March 10, 2009

The Tribune

Youth makes memorise calendar
for infinite years.

September 26, 2009

Danik Jagran

Sababbi Mangal was awarded with
Record Holders Republic UK.

April 10, 2009


Production Year 2010 - Documentary Film on the Education System “WORLD EDUCATION” was made by Education Broadcasting System (EBS) the Government of South Korea. The shooting was done at IBRI Research Center on Dr. Sababbi Mangal & His Students Covering the Facts of their Achievements and Extra-Ordinary Memory Powers.

Research and Development

The man having three world records in the field of memory realized the problems being faced by students in the conventional education system, with the vision to shape the way of coming generation he took an initiative to enable students to permanently store the information in their mind. While teaching the students, he realized that everyone is using the method of memorization incorrectly, most of the students are cramming rather than memorizing permanently, Due to which they forget the information after some time. Once a parent asked Sababbi Mangal that his son sits for hours with a book to memorise, but is not able to recall any information later. After investigation, they found that he repeats the information to memorise, that’s why he forgets every time. Thinking seriously on this matter, he found that the conventional way of education is not of the desired standard, he then started working on new research – how the brain works? why we forget? what is the scientific way to memorize information permanently? With this task at hand Dr. Sababbi Mangal started research in the field of memory, concentration, focus, Vedic -mathematics and neuroscience and invented several techniques to enhance, sharpen, boost and simplify the education field. He resolved that he will also change the method of education and skill training being imparted, apart from the entrepreneurship development programs providing equal opportunities to all.

He established Asia’s First Neuroscience and Meta Skills Research Centre at Solan, Himachal Pradesh for the training of teachers to improve the quality of education. It was inaugurated by the Education Minister, Government of Himachal Pradesh.

Ongoing Research on Mind and Brain by
Dr. Sababbi Mangal and his Team

Sababbi Mangal and his team members are working continuously on the school curriculum to prepare the entire syllabus using the latest mind and memory techniques for helping students achieve better results.

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Dr. Sababbi Mangal



Mental Calculations

He created the record for fastest calculation and identified the days of week correctly from random dates between 1 January 000 and 31 December 10,000,000,099 in the presence of around 20,000 people at VNIT Nagpur during the event Aarohi – 09. This World Record is for calculating the exact day of 60 random dates of ten Billion years calendar in 60 seconds only.



Calendar Combos

Given a date and day in a particular year, he can tell the months in which such combinations occur, e.g. 1986, 22 Saturday: - February, March, and November. In a block of five years, given day, date, and month he can tell the year. For any given year, he can tell the first and last day of all the months. If given a combination of month, date, and day, he can tell the years in which it occurs.



Calendar Memory

He created the record by making and memorizing the World’s Longest Unlimited Years Calendar. The calendar is based on the coding system to find the day of any date starting from 0001 up to infinity. He also discovered the method to memorize the complete unlimited years calendar in just one hour, anyone can tell the day of any date without looking at the calendar mentally.

Invention Unlimited Years Calendar from 0001 to Infinity

Publication Year 2007

He invented World’s Longest Unlimited Years Calendar. The calendar is based on the coding system to that helps to find the day of any day starting from 0001 up to infinity. This is the single page calendar and can be read out by naked eyes.


His Books on Brain and Memory

  • Introduction to Mnemonics
  • Memorise Unlimited Years Calendar in One Hour
  • i-Memory the Guruitself
  • Concentration Master
  • Be the Memory Champion
  • The Ultimate Brain Guide
  • Diet, Barin and Memory
  • Memory Mechanism
  • Advanced mnemonics
  • Vedic Arithmetic
  • Mind Mapping
  • DMIT
  • Philanthropy

    Dr. Sababbi Mangal is sensitive towards underprivileged people with limited resources, and he decided to start a community that gives an opportunity to all irrespective of their education or financial background to start their own business and excel in Life. In January 2020 he founded Nicely which contribute towards environmental protection, scientific and free education techniques for children, charity programs, and growth of society by providing new social + business opportunity to help people grow to their maximum potential to make the world better. “Nicely is built on the principle of binding like-minded people together to do incredible work in the field of social wellbeing and entrepreneurship. Nicely accomplishes this task by creating an ambience where they trust each other work collaboratively and have a deep respect and concern for one another”.