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Integrated Research & Teaching

At IBRI we are a group of professionals engaged to develop and promote various “neuroscience” related skill programs, these include international trainers, speakers, scientists, researchers, inventors, authors, and motivators. All are experts of different fields holding a lot of World Records in their fields having international status. All our trainers are internationally recognized public figures. Currently, we have more than 8 International trainers working with our IBRI Brain Research Cell.

In conjunction with the department of education, we are responsible for imparting such training and feedback sessions by our researchers who rectify the errors of approach either on the spot or after promised period because all the technologies are very vast hence some research may involve in certain cases. We will not shy to quote any international educational scientists with thanks and with a vision to spread these tools to reach everyone.

Neuroscience & Meta Skill Research Team


Mrs. Kanya Mangal

Department of Concentration


Dr. Sababbi Mangal

Department of Cognitive Science


Dr. Daniel Park

Department of Yoga


Mr. Manoj Sharma

Department of NLP


Mr. Vishal Bhatia

Department of Psychometric Test


Mr. Rajiv Kumar Jhiman

Department of Psychology

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