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Read it carefully!

Are you fed up with forgetting habits?

  • Do you know how our brain works?
  • Why do we forget?
  • What is the correct way to memorize?

Do you Know ?

There are 3-Types of Learning Styles?

Every Child has 8 Types of Intelligence?

What is the Real Difference Between Child’s “Interest & Intelligence”?

Is your Child

Left Brain Thinker/ Right Brain Thinker?


Dear Parents

Have we given Birth to Children or Mark Sheets?

Results of Cramming

Can your Child Answer Just Chapters Name of any Subject of Last year’s Class?

Do you know ?

  • In which career your child will perform the BEST ?
  • The Real Difference Between Child’s “Interest & Intelligence”
  • That every child have 5 Quotient Levels?
  • Personality & Beaviour Traits of your Child?

Read it carefully

As you know that in our current education system, there is a lot of stress on children because they are taught only 2 things (how to read) and (how to write) but no one teaches how to memorise. To memorise, till date, only two things have been told in our education system that you can either remember the information by writing it again and again or by reading it again and again, that is, by rote learning and due to which the children's temporary memory is formed. And after some time slowly they start forgetting everything.

IBRI Methodology

Flexible Learning THEORY

Our brain is divided into two parts left brain and right brain, the left brain is logical and the right brain is creative, now science has proved while memorizing any information if we use both parts of our brain then permanent memory is formed and if anyone uses only one part, then temporary memory is formed which means after some time we forget that information. When a child uses rote learning, only one part of the brain is used, due to which children forget a lot of information after some time.

Flexible learning teaches you how to use both parts of your brain while memorizing any information so that whatever you read becomes a permanent memory. It helps in fast memorizing, long retention and quick recollection.