LearnGate is an e-Learning Management System that connects every teacher and every student across the world. It is designed with unique features and options to provide the best e-learning environment.

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Independent Business Consultant (IBC)

Become an Independent Business Consultant and work from home smartly as a Digital Franchise and earn a handsome income.

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Psychometric Lab

Analysis of brain using the scientific method of detecting interests, sensitivity, best abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and other behavior-related qualities and disabilities.The process is a combination of various analyses.

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About Us

International Brain Research Institute (IBRI)

International Brain Research Institute (IBRI) is working beyond normal education for society since 2008 as Cognitive Science Research & Development institution.

  • A leading provider of education solutions since 2008
  • Trusted by all over the world with 21000+ Students Trained
  • 15 World Records achieved for Strong Memory and Fastest Calculations by our students
  • The expert team at IBRI Research Centre is dedicated to provide you with the best learning environment

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Our Program Features

Why do we exist?

All schools of different boards and brands seems quite similar in terms of teaching and learning methodology but none of them is trying to use the methodology of latest scientific pedagogical techniques and equipment which are considered the main advantage of IBRI imparting education to enable them to be idols of different fields for the students studying at other conventional schools and so called smart learning system schools.

IBRI Advantages

IBRI is one of the best institute for skill education research and development. We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

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Methodology of Pedagogy

IBRI devised methodology assist accelerate your child’s comprehensive learning from the age of 3 years to all the way throughout life.

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Essential Life Skills

IBRI focus on a child's overall development in terms of education and moral values equipping the children with every tool to live a perfect life.

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Why Choose Us

IBRI programs pave your child’s path to lifetime success.

To endow students with extraordinary skill power. To Build Concentration, Reading, Memory, Focus, Productivity, Confidence, Handling Emotions, Creative Thinking, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Relationships Good Decision-Making Skills, Games, Debates, Role Play, Stories, and Fun activities to make everyone Life Skills Empowered to Face the Challenges of Life!

  • Confidence Building
  • Up-Skilling
  • Flexible Learning
  • Experience Faculty
Student Stories

Watch our Kids World Records

Our many students after participating in the skills enhancement programs created WORLD RECORDS in the field of extraordinary concentration, super-strong memory and fastest calculation.